Printmaking Portfolio

All of my linocuts are original and hand printed in my Sussex Studio.   I use both oil based and water soluble inks on Fabriano, Velom and Snowdon paper.   I also use an environmentally friendly cleaner.

My original Linocut prints are signed in the right hand corner, numbered on the left and have the title of the work in the middle.  A generous border is included for framing purposes.  Please note that the sizes stated below are of the actual work and do not take into account the border, mount and frame.

The images you see below, unless stated otherwise, are available to purchase.

What are Linocuts?  

Some of the images are available as cropped framed giclee mini prints.  These come in white box frames measuring 26 cm x 26 cm and can hang from the wall or stand freely, for example on a shelf.  Mini prints are signed and have the title of the work written on the mount. Giclee, the French word for ‘spray’, refers to the ink jet printing process used to produce archival standard fine art prints. Professional, fade-resistant inks and high quality paper is used creating prints with beautiful colour and incredibly fine detail.  Many painters use this process as a way of producing multiples of their work.


Please note that all sizes are for the actual print and do not include the white surround, mount or frame.  All sizes are approximate as the linoleum is hand cut with a Stanley knife and ruler, by me!


Woodland Flowers - lino redution - Sue Collins

Woodland Flowers – 21 cm x 21 cm


Woodland Toadstools - Linocut reduction - Sue Collins

Woodland Toadstools – 21 cm x 21 cm


The Chalk Cliffs Sue Collins Reduction Linocut

The Chalk Cliffs – 31 cm x 24 cm


A Hot Day

A Hot Day (the Chalk Cliffs) – 60 cm x 40 cm


Sue Collins Autumnal Freedom

Autumnal Freedom – 60 cm x 40 cm

The Ouse Valley Viaduct

The Ouse Valley Viaduct – 31 cm x 24 cm


Through the Hedgerow Sue Collins Reduction Linocut

Above the Downs – 31 cm x 24 cm

Towards Eastbourne Sue Collins Reduction Linocut

Towards Eastbourne – 31 x 24 cm

Trees on the Hill

Trees on The Hill – 31 x 24 cm

Over the Hills Sue Collins Reduction Linocut

Over the Hill – 31 cm x 24 cm

Beautiful Sussex Landscape

Beautiful Sussex – 60 cm x 40 cm


Hedgerow Happiness black
Hedgerow Happiness

 60 cm x 40 cm


Hedgerow Haven brighter landscape

Hedgerow Haven – 60 cm x 40 cm


Sussex in Spring - Sue Collins

Sussex in Spring –  60 cm x 40 cm

Hedgehog Haven - Sue Collins Handmade

Hedgehog Haven  –   60 cm x 40 cm


Foxglove Meadow - Sue Collins

Foxglove Meadow – 60 cm x 40 cm

Potted Tulipa
Potted Tulipa –  47 cm x 37 cm


Downland Daffodils
Downland Daffodils –  47 cm x 37 cm



Coastal Cliffs on Fabriano
Coastal Cliffs – 47 cm x 37 cm



Adur Valley
The Adur Valley47 cm x 37 cm


Downs View Sue Collins
Downs View  47 cm x 37 cm



Preston Park Rockery-Sue Collins
Preston Park Rockery –  47 cm x 37 cm


Brighton Beach Boat - Sue Collins
Brighton Beach Boat –  30 cm x 16 cm



Old Boat Brighton Sue Collins
Old Boat Brighton Beach – 30 cm x 16 cm



Wilmington Hills - Sue Collins RA
Wilmington Hills – 43cmx36cm 


Chanctonbury Ring –  47 cm x 37 cm








































4 thoughts on “Printmaking Portfolio”

  1. Hi Susan,

    Just want to say thank you very much for my lovely ‘love birds’ picture. It’s gorgeous and its the first thing we have put up in our new home.

    Hope you’re well,

    Louise x

  2. Received my beautiful print of ‘Three Hens’ a few days ago for my birthday. A fab surprise from my partner who remembered how much I loved your work when I saw it at The Hawth in Crawley! Thank you! Teresa

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